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  • "One of my favorite sub genres is film noir detective stories with a healthy splash of horror or scifi tossed into the mix and the Enigma series put out by Quad M Productions is a nearly perfect example of this style. 4 out of 5 Bananas." C.S. Anderson - SciFi Monkeys  Read the full review here.

  • "I think the folks up at Quad M are on to something with “Enigma.” It’s clear that they love what they are doing, and have so far constructed a world which fits their vision." Mark Woodring - My Own Little Shadow  Read the full review here.

  • "After reading the first issue, the reader will be jonesing for the next one."  Sean Murphy - comicbookreviewer.com  Read the full review here.

  • "Enigma is a fascinating story that throws a lot of interesting elements together to keep the reader engaged."  J. Reifler  -  Rhymes With Geek  Read the full review here.



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