#085 - Spider-Man: Homecoming Review and EARTHQUAKE!!!

This week on the show:

Segment One: TJ & Marty bring a little update on Micah The Artistic Autistic.  The fellas also recap a 5.8 earthquake that took place mere hours after last weeks recording.  Plus, a new Z-LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOWER is introduced.

Segment Two:  FGS presents Starbucks.  HOT TAKES covers TJ's glowing review of Spider-Man: Homecoming. The guys talk about the new Castlevania series on NetFlix as well as other fave shows from the streaming service. Also, H. Jon Benjamin and shark jumping.

Segment Three:  HORRIBLE MOMENTS IN MARTY HISTORY recaps a rugby accident resulting in liquid dieting. Plus the perils of growing facial hair and more Costco love.

Fufilling all of your ear candy needs.  It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on July 13, 2017 .

#084 - Derek Carr, Super Nintendo Classic Edition, & Mushroom Movie Watchin'

This week on the show:

Segment One brings us an update on TJ and Jason's major motion picture debut, Marty recaps some Independence Day shenanigans and TJ hates his computer.

Segment Two offers up some FGS goodness involving Czech bikini clad power plant interns and another seasoned citizen busted in prostitution wackiness. Plus, TJ waxes philosophical about his love of teaching foreigners how to properly swear in English.  HOT TAKES covers the Derek Carr/Raiders signing and the announced Super Nintendo Classic Edition.

Segment Three presents another HORRIBLE MOMENT IN MARTY HISTORY as Marty talks about taking hallucinogenics before watching Sleepy Hollow.. And TJ provides a PICK OF THE WEEK showcasing Micah The Artistic Autistic and his battles with the YouTube copyright hassle.

Don't let the loud noise scare you. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on July 7, 2017 .

#083 - Apologies Given, Saturn Awards Nominated, & Horrible Moments Relived

Segment One:  TJ provides a much due apology regarding comments made during last week's show, gives an update on Jason's status with the show, and shares an Enigma update as well.

Segment Two: FGS presents a Florida man who plot for revenge against a suspected mail thief go astray.  HOT TAKES covers thoughts and opinions about the announced Mayweather vs. McGregor fight, The Saturn Award nominations, and the 30th anniversary of Predator (horrible Ah-nuld impressions included).

Segment Three: HORRIBLE MOMENTS IN MARTY HISTORY relates a tale of teenage boys, herbal stimulation, and a big huge lightning strike. Good times!

C'mon on in and pull up a chair.  it's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on June 22, 2017 .

#082 - Derek Crabbe Interview, Big Time Wrestling, Adam West, & A Stroller Named Bob

This week on the show:

Segment One: The guys discuss Big Time Wrestling in the Zoo Town and TJ goes overboard critiquing the matches and the wrestlers involved. Puls a new Z LIST CELEBRITY OF THE WEEK.

Segment Two: FGS brings a fine representative of the Emerald Isle while HOT TAKES covers Hank Williams Jr returning to Monday Night Football and the passing of Adam West. Then it's on to an interview with long time friend of the show, Derek Crabbe.  Derek and the guys talk Adam West and the latest History of Comic on Film episode, Dracula: Sovereign of the Damned.

Segment Three:  A new segment is introduced as we look into HORRIBLE MOMENTS IN MARTY HISTORY. This week Marty survives and day from hell with only his bib overalls, a bag full of dreams, and a stroller..... named Bob.

Comin' at ya from all four corners and around the world. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on June 15, 2017 .

#081 - Phoenix Comic Con Uproar Recap With Kris McLanahan, Trainwrecks, & Wonder Woman

This week on the show:

Segment One:  Marty gushes about the joys of married life and TJ goes out of town to help a friend and comes back with more pressure to finish Enigma #4.  Plus a new Z LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOWER OF THE WEEK.

Segment Two:  FGS presents Porn Star Batters Boyfriend.  HOT TAKES covers a local incident with Grimace, TJ opines about Wonder Woman, and friend of the show Kris McLanahan stops by to talk about the Phoenix Comic Con assassination attempt on Jason David Frank and subsequent cosplay props ban.

Segment Three:  REDDIT FUN brings us 'What was your response when you found out your child worked in the adult entertainment industry'.  Yeah.... There appears to be a theme this week.

Hum along!  It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on June 8, 2017 .

#080 - Kevin Smith in Spokane, Shenanigans in Phoenix, and Old Lady Spencer In Our Hearts

This week on the show:

Segment One: TJ welcomes guest host and Quad M's official bartender Marty to the show and they discuss TJ's romp to Spokane to enjoy some bar-cades, booze, and Kevin Smith.

Segment Two: FGS brings us a girl voted 'most likely to become a terrorit' by her teachers. HOT TAKES covers the Phoenix Comic Con and and idiots failed attempt to assassinate the Green Power Ranger (Jason David Frank), an events recap involving guns and a local bar, a laundry list of celebrity deaths since the last episode, Pirates of the Caribbean versus Baywatch at the box office, and SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK features the angelic tones of Old Mrs. Spencer and her heavenly phone etiquette.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN showcases 'Best Pickup Lines Heard By Bartenders" as well as a couple PICKS O' THE WEEK.

Sorry it took so long, gang. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on June 4, 2017 .

#079 - Mr. Rogers, Colonel Sanders, & Quad M's New Comic

This week on the show:

Segment One: Andy Mac subs for Jason this week and the guys discuss getting too old for the late nights, Andy's on a Mr. Rogers kick, and TJ follows up on Siamese Twin legal info (as sparked by Super Fan Kris from Pocatello).

Segment Two:  FGS brings us a high school's senior party treasurer embezzling funds to support her sex toy business and a Chinese man tries to cure constipation the old fashioned way.  HOT TAKES covers Diane Lane's big mouth, Alien Covenant (James Franco?  TJ's not a fan...), social media train wrecks, and KFC's new romance novel.

Segment Three: TJ and Andy talk The Sham-Wow guy, celebrity deaths (was 2007 bigger than 2016?), and REDDIT FUN leads to a potential new comic book series from Quad M Productions.

It's a bird, it's a plane, it's THE QUAD M SHOW.

Posted on May 15, 2017 .

#078 - Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2 & $#!++y Morgan Freeman

This week on the show:

Segment One: The guys learn that XD can have two separate meanings, discuss proper celebrations for May The Fourth and Revenge Of The Fifth, and help TJ come to grips with being a grumpy old man.

Segment Two:  FGS covers Fat Riots in England and coked up greyhounds in Florida. HOT TAKES brings us Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2 discussion and the worst Morgan Freeman impression known to man. Plus Alien Covenant, Defenders, and Jason still hates Blair Witch.

MOVIE MINUTE: Guardians Vol. 2 review (non-spoiler)

Segment Three:  REDDIT FUN request 'Tell the dirtiest joke you know'. TJ's soul hurt afterwards. 

Come one, come all. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on May 8, 2017 .

#077 - Siamese Twins, Val Kilmer's A.M.A, & The Quad M Trinity

This week on the show:

Segment One:  Jason has a quick week, TJ becomes the fan of a 'new team', and the guys discuss the legalities of Siamese Twin love.

Segment Two:  FGS brings us bookstore vengeance and drunken chiuauas. HOT TAKES covers ESPN's layoff-o-rama, Bill O'Reilly's new value packed podcast, Nintendo does it again, and Val Kilmer does a Reddit A.M.A.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN closes us out with 'Clean Jokes That Sound Dirty'. 

Spreading more love and joy than a conjigal visit, it's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on May 1, 2017 .

#076 - Bunnies...Don't...Poop...Eggs!!!

This week on the show:

Segment One:  Jason gets a boo-boo and TJ relearns the value of "Ctrl+S".

Segment Two: FGS presents two Easter themed award winners. One is a preacher spreading the word in Hong Kong and the other is a woman who doesn't take kindly to her boyfriend's ham cooking ways.  HOT TAKES leads to a discussion of Nintendo pulling a bait and switch (no pun intended) and Top 10 NES games. Plus, Bill O'Rielly.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks "Add 'Almost' to the beginning of any movie title and describe". Hilarity ensues.

The show so nice, you gotta listen to it twice. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on April 24, 2017 .

#075 - DIVERSITY!!!

This week on the show:

Segment One:  The guys read your mail and discuss podcast censorship.  A new Z-List celeb is introduced and THE MOVIE MINUTE brings a review of Ghost In The Shell.

Segment Two:  FGS presents a pair of high flying and low riding dummies.  HOT TAKES cover Marvel's recent claim that diversity is killing comic book sales and TJ goes on a rampage, Nintendo cancels the Classic Edition, and The Last Jedi trailer is dissected.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks "Without using standard measurements, how big are 'you' ".  Plus PICKS OF THE WEEK.

Open to one and all.... It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on April 18, 2017 .

#074 - The Las Vegas Raiders & The Definition Of Microwave

This week on the show:  The guys fancy the show up with new stingers as well as speak on the beauty of analytics. Jason tries out his new gun and TJ rants about attempting (& failing) a solo show. Plus a new Z LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOWER is presented.  In Segment Two, FGS brings us two idiots; one seeking questionable legal advice and the other just walks funny.  HOT TAKES gives us the Las Vegas Raiders, the WWE Hall Of Fame, and the Rick/Morty/McDonald's/Szechuan Chicken Sauce whopp-dee-doo. In addition, we also have a new SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK to present. Segment Three concludes the show with Reddit Fun and favorite Urban Dictionary definitions. One week without is two weeks too long. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on April 10, 2017 .

#073 - Celebrity Sex Tapes, Wonder Woman's Grooming Habits, & Star Wars Conspiracies

This week on the show:  It's a nerd's delight this week as the guys discussed the Paige/Xavier Woods sex tape scandal in Segment One. Segment Two brings FGS Awards involving donated cannabis to a Washington Goodwill and an oral hygienist who loves to bite. HOT TAKES covers the latest Wonder Woman 'controversy' that has idiots in an uproar and Star Wars conspiracy theories. Segment Three rounds us out with Reddit Fun and if Hitler owned a gay bar what would it be called?  This one's a doozie, folks.  It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on March 27, 2017 .

#072 - Mexican Standoffs, Grumpy Moose, & Shows Cancelled Far Too Soon

This week on the show: In Segment One, the guys give love to those who show love, Jason sleeps during car trips, and TJ discusses a small to-do in his backyard involving Highway Patrol, a crazed gunman, and sexy snipers.  In Segment Two, FGS teaches us that nothing good happens at a Denny's at 3am and leave the grumpy moose alone. The guys then wax philosophical about about great TV shows that got cancelled way too soon.  Segment Three brings us Reddit Fun and "Tell Us A Joke" so TJ can (fail to) guess the punchline. THE QUAD M SHOW's coming right at ya!!!

Posted on March 20, 2017 .

#071 - Logan Review, Bill Paxton Retrospective, and Jason Returns

This week on THE QUAD M SHOW:  Segment One brings the return of Jason and his missing opinions from last week's John Wick Chapter 2 review and TJ learns how involved model building can be and accepts his yoga limitations.  Segment Two provides two amazing FGS winners (as well as a new potential book series for one of our sponsors) as well as HOT TAKES featuring a Logan review, a look back at Bill Paxton's awesomeness, Jason receives vindication upon hearing the Razzie winners this year, and Nightwing news and rumors.  Segment Three provides laughs o' plenty with this week's REDDIT FUN as the guys cover 'Sayings That Would Make Horrible Adult Films'. A whole lot of class with a little bit of trash! It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on March 6, 2017 .

#070 - John Wick Chapter 2 Review & Advice For The Love Lorn

This week on THE QUAD M SHOW: Andy Mac joins TJ to discuss horribly outdated 'education' standards, awesome email addresses, TJ's horrific hardware/software weekend that resulted in no show last week, and YouTube's bogus copyright policing. Segment Two gives us two FGS winners featuring 911 abuse, mom and daughter hooker teams, and a debate on a certain motel chain's quality.  HOT TAKES brings discussion of racism accusations against Dan Le Batard, a John Wick Chapter 2 review, the passing of George 'The Animal' Steele, the potential downfall of the UFC, and the WWE 2017 Hall Of Fame Inductees (so far).  Segment Three closes us out with Dr. Who popularity, Dueling Pianos, and your emails.  Buckle in, kids. This one's got it all! It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on February 27, 2017 .

#069 - Hutterites, Trolls, Super Bowl, & Gaga Body Shaming

This week on the show: In Segment One TJ and Jason discuss Hutterite bartering skills, how The Trolls still love us, and TJ's getting a new toy. Also, a magical new Z LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOW is added to the mix.  Segment Two bring three new FGS winners including a Florida Man with a happy trigger finger and lonely libido, two morons from Michigan who don't understand why you can't bring AK-47s into a police station, and an Oklahoma woman cartwheeling into our hearts and into jail.  The boys discuss Super Bowl results, the worst ads ever, and the resultant body shaming of Lady Gaga. Plus, a look back at Richard Hatch.  Segment Three gives us REDDIT FUN featuring 'What Job Would You Have If Star Wars Was Real'.  Happy V.D. from THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on February 14, 2017 .

#068 - Quad M's Origin Story, Air Bowl, & Your Email

This week on the show:  Jason and TJ are joined by Andy and Devin from THE ANDY MAC SHOW. Let the raucous free-for-all begin!  In Segment One, Jason discusses getting through 'the day', TJ shows his age when he gets a new phone,  and Andy and Devin inquires about QUAD M's humble beginnings.  Segment Two provides an FGS AWARD winner who likes to give a little something extra to his church group while HOT TAKES brings us Super Bowl and Lady Gaga talk, Air Guitar contests, and no one cares that Ben Affleck isn't directing Batman anymore.  Segment Three closes us out with REDDIT FUN featuring the guys answering your mail and giving advice to the love lorn.  It's a jam packed episode this week, kids.  Enjoy!

Posted on February 6, 2017 .

#067 - A Guest Co-host, A Haunted House, & A Soft Handshake

This week on THE QUAD M SHOW: Jason has the week off so we are once again visited by Andy Mcnamara.  In the First Segment, Andy talks about his haunted abode and TJ tries to talk DDP yoga but the conversation veers off.  In the Second Segment, FGS gives us sword play and restaurant rats while HOT TAKES veers off again as the boys start talking Star Wars and end up reminiscing about Pee Wee Herman.  Third Segment provides REDDIT FUN and more free flowing ranting.  This one's a pretty loose show, gang.  Enjoy the ride.

Posted on January 30, 2017 .

#066 - Illness, Pocket Sitcom, and Goth Brooks

This week on THE QUAD M SHOW, Segment One recaps a week of new toys for the guys as TJ gets sick, travels, and tests some poor souls convictions. Segment Two offers and FGS winning masseuse while HOT TAKES covers upcoming 2017 movies. SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK presents the awesomeness of Goth Brooks. Segment Three and REDDIT FUN presents a very dark "Would You Rather" plus PICKS OF THE WEEK.  Known as the Trolls favorite bridge, it's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on January 23, 2017 .