#035 - Reddit Hates Nickelback

This week on the show:  Jason recounts a magical tale of how a night time fishing trip turned in 50 Shades of Luminescence. TJ reviews Captain America: Civil War. A surprise announcement of a future project.  FGS blesses us with a Florida (surprise) voyeur who runs afoul of a previous victim at a Target.  Hot Takes features Highlander, Paul Feig, Phat Axl, Andre The Giant biopic, and Beetlejuice 2 news.  Plus, a sneak preview of an interview TJ conducted with History of Comics on Film's DEREK CRABBE.  Reddit Fun presents things that make you laugh EVERY time and Picks of the Week showcases open source software to help the beginning funny book creator and X-Arcade awesomeness.  No need to fear, THE QUAD M SHOW is here!

Posted on May 13, 2016 .