#041 - Awkward Segues, Pitch Shifting Fun, & Operation: Mincemeat

This week on the show: Jason goes camping and TJ goes single.  Meatloaf has a heart attack on stage. TJ learns about 'Vocal Fry, and (yip-yip-yahoo) it's National Selfie Day (just keep your head lice at home, please).  FGS give us Canadian Flat Earthers and fat deer crossing signs as well as racist Fox News Sports reporters.  Hot Takes brings two sad Start Trek stories, the return of Dredd and Hideo Kojima, plus a war time tale of wonderment known as Operation: Mincemeat.  Reddit Fun asks "If you get ten minutes alone with a friend's computer, how do you mess with them?" and Picks of the Week.  Have no fear, THE QUAD M SHOW is here.

Posted on June 24, 2016 .