#038 - Leave Cap Alone!!!

This week on the show:  TJ and Jason recap the wacky hi jinks on the set filming River Rats.  THE QUAD M SHOW has gone global as TJ reads iTunes reviews from other countries.  FGS brings us meat flinging in Georgia.  Hot Takes wallows in controversy as the boys discuss the new gay agent of HYDRA: Captain America, Dan Aykroyd shilling for Ghostbusters, Death threats sent to No Man's Sky developers after announcing a delay on the game and the reporter who covered the story, and strange comic book facts.  Reddit Fun ask "Can You Substitute A Movie Title With A Click-Bait Ad?" (#6 will AMAZE you!!!) and we go down under for our Pick Of The Week. It's not a choice.  It's not a lifestyle. it's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on June 3, 2016 .