#050 - The Quad M Show's Unspectacular 50th Episode Spectacular

This week on the show:  The first segment opens with congratulations all around as THE QUAD M SHOW turns 50, Jason recounts a weekend tale of douche-baggery involving a scumbag with a bow and arrow, TJ begins a new diet and bowling season is upon us again!  Segment two brings us and FGS baseball player and a 90 year old connoisseur of prostitutes. Hot Takes introduces a new segment entitled The Amazon Review Spotlight, a new Batman animated feature on the horizon,  Pokewatch 2016 covers a Moscow woman claiming sexual assault by a Pokemon, and Jason quizzes TJ on movie tag lines.  Segment three rounds out this gala event with Reddit Fun and How Would Movies Change By Adding 'American' To The Beginning Of The TiTle, closing out with Picks Of The Week.  Thank you to all our loyal fans who've enjoyed these first 50 episodes of THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on August 28, 2016 .