#052 - Buford T. Leghorn, Don't Breathe Review, & The Return Of 'Taika Waititi'

This week on THE SHOW: First segment presents Jason's epic garage sale finding and TJ's torturous sinuses with a dash of TOP TEN CITIES and Z LIST CELEBRITY action.  Second segment brings FGS AWARD excellence involving marital aid lawsuits and children's costumes gone horribly wrong. HOT TAKES gives us TJ's review of Don't Breath, Harley Quinn movie news,  a long awaited interview with our good friend, 'Taika Waititi' (you're welcome, Kris), TJ has a game for Jason, and THE QUAD M SHOW'S SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK. Third segment offers up REDDIT FUN WITH JASON covering the best in 'Yo Mama Jokes' and in glorious closing, PICKS OF THE WEEK.  Make sure to wear your Sunday best, 'cus THE QUAD M SHOW'S a-callin'!!!

Posted on September 18, 2016 .