#065 - Vacation Recap, (Belated) Rogue One Review, & Connie Karaoke

This week on the show:  TJ and Jason return for the first show of 2017!!! The guys discuss vacation shenanigans. Segment Two brings us an FGS featuring angry McDonald's music lovers and harassed HR workers. HOT TAKES covers a slightly late Rogue One review, a recap of 2016 Celebrity Deaths during the break, The Quad M Dead Pool is bandied about, and SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK features our very own Connie Lingus taking a stab at karaoke.  Segment Three rounds us out with REDDIT FUN and a new game: Drunks or Kids.  Welcome back, QUAD M SHOW, we didn't even know you were away.

Posted on January 9, 2017 .