#069 - Hutterites, Trolls, Super Bowl, & Gaga Body Shaming

This week on the show: In Segment One TJ and Jason discuss Hutterite bartering skills, how The Trolls still love us, and TJ's getting a new toy. Also, a magical new Z LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOW is added to the mix.  Segment Two bring three new FGS winners including a Florida Man with a happy trigger finger and lonely libido, two morons from Michigan who don't understand why you can't bring AK-47s into a police station, and an Oklahoma woman cartwheeling into our hearts and into jail.  The boys discuss Super Bowl results, the worst ads ever, and the resultant body shaming of Lady Gaga. Plus, a look back at Richard Hatch.  Segment Three gives us REDDIT FUN featuring 'What Job Would You Have If Star Wars Was Real'.  Happy V.D. from THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on February 14, 2017 .