#074 - The Las Vegas Raiders & The Definition Of Microwave

This week on the show:  The guys fancy the show up with new stingers as well as speak on the beauty of analytics. Jason tries out his new gun and TJ rants about attempting (& failing) a solo show. Plus a new Z LIST CELEBRITY FOLLOWER is presented.  In Segment Two, FGS brings us two idiots; one seeking questionable legal advice and the other just walks funny.  HOT TAKES gives us the Las Vegas Raiders, the WWE Hall Of Fame, and the Rick/Morty/McDonald's/Szechuan Chicken Sauce whopp-dee-doo. In addition, we also have a new SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK to present. Segment Three concludes the show with Reddit Fun and favorite Urban Dictionary definitions. One week without is two weeks too long. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on April 10, 2017 .