#087 - A Conversation With Andy


This week on the show:  A slight change in format as what was to be the second segment of the show becomes a near two hour gab fest between TJ and special guest Andy Mcnamara.  Lots of topics covered (but mostly wrestling and sex). Here you'll find:

How fairy tales should/could be reworked into wrestling angles (the infamous Neverland Screw Job), two horrifying FGS winners (there's a theme.... Hum along, if you'd like),  Glen Campbell and Ric Flair, Sunny is a train wreck, why is Chyna not in the WWE Hall Of Fame, TJ and Andy debate Virgin Mother Mary vs. Mary Magdalene, Andy's love of Daniel Bryan. Plus, Andy recaps his San Fran vacation (including poop flinging homeless people and a stroll through West Oakland).

It's a chock full program this week, so grab your popcorn and hunker down. It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on August 18, 2017 .