#133 - The Passing Of Stan Lee, Overlord Review, & Best Kiss Albums


This week on the show:

Segment One: Mary is back and joins TJ talking about the week that was. Recounting the Kuntzwieler’s trip to FGS Land. TJ answers a fan question regarding the ‘holy trinity’ of Kiss Albums.

Segment Two: McKenzie shows up in time for FGS covering trailer park shenanigans in Florida! HOT TAKES gives us TJ’s review of Overlord and a lengthy discussion on the passing of comics legend Stan Lee and the current state of the comic book industry. SOUNDBITE OF THE WEEK answers the question of whether or not TJ will go to see the Kiss show in Spokane.

Segment Three: HORRIBLE MOMENTS IN KUNTZWIELER HISTORY recounts at tale of bullets and ex-girlfriends at the local watering hole. Plus, Kenzie has issues with TJ’s shoes and TJ has issues with taxidermy.

Happy Thanksgiving from THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on November 19, 2018 .