#099 - Hot Olympic Curlers, Cloverfield Paradox Review, & We're Going To Hell...


This week on the show:

Segment One:  Marty's still recovering from life on the road and TJ's been enjoying the Winter Olympics.  In particular, the untapped hotness that is Women's Curling.

Segment Two:  FGS comes at us with a Pennsylvania inmate whose smuggling techniques are unbe'weave'able.  HOT TAKES provides Super Bowl recap, Marty's amazing prediction skills, talk of commercial and trailers, TJ reviews The Cloverfield Paradox, and Marty reveals meeting Brock Lesnar back in high school.

Segment Three:  We're going to hell as REDDIT FUN asks....what's your favorite dead baby joke. TJ has a frowny face.

One more 'til the big 100, gang!!! It's THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on February 13, 2018 .