#110 - Pizza Ranch Prizes, The Predator Trailer, Denver Vacations, & Hateful Hashtags


This week on the show:

Segment One:  Marty returns to the show as the hometown floods and Jason is out sandbagging.  TJ reveals foreign language knowledge and a horrible solution to the flooding in Helena.  A major YouTube announcement is made, Marty gives an update on country living, Col. Cluckers, and how to win big at The Pizza Ranch.

Segment Two: Voice Of The Show McKenzie joins in as an FGS two-fer teaches us what not to put in microwaves and there's a riot at the Cornholing Tourn-E-Ment. TJ learns about the She-Wee and McKenzie learns why men "miss".  HOT TAKES covers The Predator movie trailer (Spoiler: TJ's not impressed.) and McKenzie relates a recent trip to Denver featuring herbs and Ubers.

Segment Three: A new feature is introduced as we present HATEFUL HASHTAGS WITH TJ as we go over the Twitter love at #spiritairlines (Big thanks to Dan Hill at The Dan and Kody Podcast for inspiring this new bit).   PICKS O' THE WEEK presents moviepass.com.

The funny's rising as high as the flood waters here at THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on May 14, 2018 .