Bonus Show - State Of The Comic-Con Address with TJ Damon, Kris McClanahan, & Derek Crabbe

Boise Podcast Promo.jpg

A special show coming from Wizard World Boise!  The three headed monster of TJ Damon (The Quad M Show, Enigma), Kris McClanahan (Deeply Dapper, Robot Kraken), & Derek Crabbe (History of Comics on Film, Fanholes) take a look and discuss the current day up and downs of comic book conventions from both the professional and fan point of views.  Topics ranges from the 90's craze, how we got into working/attending cons, old vs. new school, the turn away from comics and going more mainstream pop culture, celebrities, cosplayers, and so much more.  If you're a crazed fanatic or more on the casual side, this unique perspective summit is gonna be right up your (artist) alley!

Posted on July 14, 2018 .