#121 - Seether, The State Of The Mouse Address, & Streaming Services Will Rule Us All


This week on the show:


TJ hates morons and truly fake news. "LEARN HOW TO FACT CHECK, PEOPLE!"

Segment One: 

Jason goes to the Seether concert, hazes karaoke folk, and meets the coolest granny EVER!!!

Segment Two:

FGS brings us a Honduran man who discovers a genius way to quit giving his wife money. HOT TAKES covers The State Of The Mouse Address as Disney discusses its plans for the future. With that we look at the Fox merger, getting X-Men & The Fantastic Four into the MCU (are you ready for Wolverine to be re-cast?), and Disney's streaming service plans. Plus, Is streaming the future? Is cable and satellite a dead venue? Are DC and CBS doing it wrong?  We pontificate it all.

Segment Three:

REDDIT FUN presents Things You Can Say About A Con But Not About Your Girlfriend.

No need to worry about appointment viewing! It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on August 13, 2018 .