#126 - The Predator (Spoiler Filled) Review, WWE Live Event Recap, & The F'd Up Bracket


Segment One: TJ and Jason introduce new kid Steve to The Beverly Hillbillies. YouTube is great. New kid Steve introduces The F’d Up Bracket asking “Who would you trust driving your girlfriend home?” First Round: Charlie Sheen vs. Mel Gibson, Chris Brown vs. Ray Rice, Louis C.K. vs. Harvey Weinstein, and Bill Cosby vs. O.J. Simpson.

Segment Two: FGS gets a double winner this week involving chainsaws, bushes, tracking equipment, and semantics from Jason. HOT TAKES brings us a spoiler filled review of The Predator, TJ recaps this past weekend’s live WWE event in Butte, Montana, and Steve has a bone to pick with TJ.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks “What to the buttons on Darth Vader’s chest do?”

Hilarity abounds, kids! It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on September 24, 2018 .