#123 - Happytime Murders Review, Wizard World Chicago Recap, & Songs Strippers Shouldn't Dance To


This week on the show:

Segment 1: TJ's sick but the show must go on. Jason tries out his Hobo Fishin' Reel. TJ tries to work some of his 'magic' when he goes to renew his vehicle registration.

Segment 2:  FGS presents Crackhouse Drive-Thru.  HOT TAKES brings us The Happytime Murders Review. Jason brings back Oddball Moments In Military History featuring Hiro Onada, a man who didn't know WWII ended until 1974.  TJ recounts his weekend at Wizard World Chicago (better known as TJ's Week Of Misery) including con crud, extortion, and the universal hand sign for sleep.

Segment 3:  REDDIT FUN covers "What Songs Should Strippers Not Dance To"?  Don't forget, PICKS O' THE WEEK.

Turn the frown upside down, kids! It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on September 3, 2018 .