#143 - Star Trek: Discover (Season 2) Review, Sex Scandals, & Rocks


This week on the show:

Segment One: Jason gets his inner mechanic skills going and TJ has FitBit issues.

Segment Two: FGS presents homeless people sex? Remember drinking and tanning doesn’t mix, kids. Plus, just how dumb is Florida? HOT TAKES - Jussie Smollet: Jason don’t know, Jason don’t care. R. Kelly and Robert Kraft sex scandals: Jason don’t know, Jason shows interest. Jason review the first five episodes of season two of Star Trek: Discovery. Punisher and Jessica Jones are officially cancelled on Netflix. Jason questions the validity of a self-proclaimed rock formation expert. (TJ has better words to describe her).

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN brings back a classic: Prayer or Slayer.

Don’t be fooled by impostors. There’s only one QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on February 26, 2019 .