#152 - Gotham Finale, Alison Mack Update, & Gearing Up For Endgame


This week on the show:

Segment One: As the show begins, TJ and Marty talk NHL playoffs. Jason gets excited for his first Airsoft jaunt of the year. Bowling league is over and done. And Jason gets bored as TJ and Marty talk about the NFL draft. New Kid Steve is off somewhere getting “wedding drunk”.

Segment Two: FGS brings us bath salts, baseball bats, and Sleepy Joe. HOT TAKES brings to light the fact that Tang burns and TJ has a ravenous drug problem. TJ reviews the Gotham series finale. We are slowly becoming the United States of Disney and TJ’s not a fan of the live action remakes of their animated classics. We get an update on the Alison Mack/nxivm situation and the guys gear up for Avengers: Endgame.

Segment Three: REDDIT FUN asks “What pick up line would you use at church?”

Don’t let the high brow antics fool you. It’s THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on April 30, 2019 .