#024 - New Toys, New Bits, & Jessi's New Best Friend

The Lord and Lady of Quad M are back at it again as TJ and Jessi discuss TJ's new audio mixer, bring in a new segment, Love It Or Leave It, and announce a new Z-List Celebrity follower for the week.  FGS brings us a Texas woman with more than lust hidden away in the holiest of holies. Hot Topics feature follow ups on Star Trek: Axanar and the British Kickstarter project, Paint Drying, as well as internet radio site, Stitcher, having some technical problems.  Jessi is introduced to her new best pal, Connie Lingus, and they discuss TJ's bowling prowess and how to kill him.  Reddit Fun this week centers around words that are fun to say.  Finally, we close with our Picks Of The Week.  Don't be scared, Billy. It's only THE QUAD M SHOW!

Posted on February 22, 2016 .