#025 - TJ.. You Are A Horrible Person

This week on the show:  Jessi pours her heart out talking about her horrible week and TJ continues with his new job.  Love It Or Leave It features an R-rated Dawn of Justice, Katie Perry and Jon Benet Ramsey, and Indian smart phone laws.  Our FGS winner this time around involves a British woman honoring her deceased grandmother.... by continuing to use her handicapped parking permit.  Hot Takes covers  Iron Fist casting, Melissa McCarthy loses 75 pounds (much to TJ's dismay), and Pokemon turns 20!  Connie Lingus visits us again bringing bowling scores, love for Jessi, and abuse for TJ.  Reddit Fun brings us movies you know are bad but you love them just the same.  The Quad M Show's Silver episode: certified funny. 

Posted on February 29, 2016 .