#028 - Riker!?! I Hardly Knew Her!

This week on the show: Jessi recaps her trip to Colorado, her enjoyment of Frozen Dead Guy Days, and taking first place in the Frozen T-Shirt Contest.  FGS winners this week feature a man who learned to fly via YouTube and racist crab shacks.  Hot Takes include a game developer (who earned over $100k in crowdfunding) calling it quits because Pewdiepie made fun of him,  the Preacher TV show gets its premiere date, and The CW announces casting on its new Archie show 'Riverdale'.  A very special Reddit Fun pits TJ against Jessi in a battle of TV theme song knowledge.  The best 90 minutes you'll spend this week?  It's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on March 21, 2016 .