#029 - Dawn of Justice Review, The Terry Bollea Grill, & A Special Guest Joins In The Fun

This week on the show:  TJ went to see Batman v Superman this week and (based on several months of trash talk) you may be surprised about his rating.  Special in-studio guest, Marq Piocos joins the fellas bearing gifts and discusses his new documentary, Neung Roy.  Our Z-List Celebrity this week worked on one of the biggest albums to come out of the '70s.... and Jason could care less.  FGS brings us a Georgia man who learns shooting at high explosives packed in a lawnmower doesn't usually end well.  Hot Takes showcase Corey Feldman pitching on Indie Go Go, Hulk Hogan is more 'gifted' then Terry Bollea, Phat Axl has a new gig (maybe), and Kat Williams gets owned by a pre-teen.  Reddit Fun highlights movies we think suck that everyone else just loves.  Oh..... and Connie too.  It's THE QUAD M SHOW.

Posted on March 28, 2016 .