#026 - Mythbusters series finale, Poo-phemisms, & The Ring Of Bliss

This week on the show:  Jason is back from The Sickness and the guys discuss illness, Airsoft, and roadway hi jinks.  Love It or Leave it covers moving to Canada, lazy millenials, Jared "Cho-Mo" Fogle. A double shot of FGS includes T-Shirts fitting the crime and an introduction to The Ring Of Bliss.  Hot Takes brings us looking back at Mythbusters and this weekend's series finale, more railing against the new Ghostbusters movie, and Connie Lingus has a new crush. The Hive Mind doesn't disappoint as Reddit Fun With Jason delivers your favorite way to tell someone it's time for Number Two.  Throw in some Picks Of The Week and you've got yourself a show.  The Quad M Show: Don't try this at home.

Posted on March 7, 2016 .