#045 - Email Scams, Twinkleman, and a Special Guest

This week on the show: TJ and Jason are joined by special sit-in guest Kris McClanahan (from Deeply Dapper) and the hi-jinks ensue.  First segment gives us talk about the convention scene and prepping for Nagu Con, Quad M gets a scam email and TJ replies in kind, and a new Z-List celebrity follower is presented. Second segment brings two FGS winners: Florida Man vs Pizza Man with surprise ending and three women get in trouble when they go "toobin' ", a new Han Solo is cast, Nintendo announces the mini NES, and TJ brings the guys Twinkleman.  Segment Three is the greatest example ever of saving the best for last as TJ and Kris play "Name That Cartoon Theme Song" in a special non-Reddit Reddit Fun With Jason. What it lacks in punctuality, it more than makes up for in the funny. It's THE QUAD M SHOW! 

Posted on July 24, 2016 .