#046 - Conventions, Killing Joke, And Moneybags McPhail

This week on the show: Segment one features TJ and Jason recapping Nagu Con in all of its glory and a new Z-List celebrity is announced. Segment two bring us an FGS winner who unsuccessfully kidnapped himself to extort money from his mother.  Hot Takes features  San Diego Comic Con highlights, Batman: The Killing Joke review, George Takei is thrilled about a plot point in the new Star Trek film, and celebrating the 25th anniversary of Pee Wee Herman's arrest in an adult theater in Florida!  Segment three presents Reddit Fun With Jason. This week's topic?  If your little guy made a sound at full attention, what sound would you choose?  Plus, Picks Of The Week.  Wake the neighbors and phone the kids, it's THE QUAD M SHOW!!!

Posted on July 30, 2016 .