#047 - Star Trek Beyond Review & Cosmo Tips For Men

This week on THE SHOW: In Segment One Jason goes night fishing, TJ gt carded, discusses the Sea Salt Cleanse, and questions a restaurants hiring policy (#twigmies).  Plus, another Z List Celebrity Follower joins the Quad M ranks.  Segment Two bring an FGS double header featuring sexual assault from a toy and mis-spent lottery winnings.  TJ reviews Star Trek Beyond and Jason doles out some lengthy interstellar trivia.  Ghostbusters doesn't make its money back and MTV celebrates 35 years on the air.  Segment Three is a doozy.  Reddit Fun asks "If Cosmopolitan Magazine offered bad sex advice to men, what would it say?".  Hilarity ensues.  It's the one mega-ton warhead of funny known as The Quad M Show

Posted on August 6, 2016 .